NITA was invited to attend the 2017 Shanghai International Creative Cities Design Innovation Forum

  • Friday, December 15, 2017: 8:00am

    NITA was invited to attend the 2017 Shanghai International Creative Cities Design Innovation Forum

    On the afternoon of December 14th, 2017, the 2017 International Creative Design Innovation Forum organized by UNESCO (Shanghai) Promotion Office and People’s Government of Changning District was held in Shanghai.

    Mr. Joost van den Hoek, urban planning and design director from NITA Design Group, was invited to attended the forum, sharing his ideas on the international innovative design in urban renewal and discussing the role and value of urban design in urban renewal together with master designers from China, America, France and U.K, university academics, business leaders and professionals.

    In the forum, Joost delivered a speech titled The Imagination on Creative Design in Shaping Cities- Magic of Dutch Architecture, combined with the urban renewal projects done by NITA.

    He believed that the Netherlands, like Shanghai, is also the delta flood plain, which is close to the sea with dense river networks. There are many similarities in urban planning of these two places. The Amsterdam canal with a history of more than 500 years now has become a comprehensive display platform of urban aesthetics, urban management, urban functions and business development in the Netherlands. Buildings on river sides have close connection with rivers, whose design combines functions of flood control, recreation and ecological landscape. While being near the shore, one can feel the local environment, which will stimulate the identification of Amsterdam city culture.
    In recent years, with the increased proportion of service industry in the economy and growing demand for the experience economy, the Netherlands has fully realized that design can produce added economic value, form a perfect design industry framework and balance the relationship with capital. Based on the industrialization of creative design, there are many public urban design works such as Amsterdam City Ladder in the Netherlands, which also ensures that the new and old buildings have the ability to cope with problems in the urbanization, water safety, health, energy and public education.

    Integrating and guiding superior resources is one of the important secrets for the Netherlands to become a design power. As a coastal area with trade facilitation, the Netherlands can provide more rich experience in urban renewal design for many Chinese cities like Shanghai.